topstartedThere are 2 options for beginners: Pilates mat or equipment sessions.

Pilates Mat
We have no mat classes currently scheduled. If you're interested in a beginner mat class, please contact us. We only need 4 class members to get started. You'll love it!
If you are fit and have no physical problems, you can start with Intro to Pilates Mat. This consists of 5 private or semi-private mat classes with an instructor. When you are done, you can go into the Intermediate mat classes.

Pilates Equipment Training
If you are out of shape or have physical problems, you must start with private sessions on the equipment. Your instructor will tailor a safe workout to fit your specific needs. Using the equipment is the most efficient way to retrain the body, as it provides resistance for strength training and assistance for exercises that are difficult.

If you are fit, you may still start on the equipment. All sessions are by appointment, so we can better accommodate your schedule. The equipment work can also be very challenging to strength, balance and coordination.