I started doing Pilates after a running injury. Now I am pain free, and my flexibility and strength are greatly improved. The Pilates training has also made a big difference in my golf game - my handicap has gone from a 14 to an 8.
Rod Whibley
Since joining Body & Soul two years ago I have finally found an exercise regime that accomplishes much more than just a firmer core, better coordination and increased muscle tone. Set in an atmosphere that provides encouragement and goal achievement, Body & Soul's instructors bring out the very best in everyone who attends. From mat class to individuals training on the reformer my experience at Body & Soul is one that I will stick with forever.
Karen DiRenzo
I cannot say enough about how much I have enjoyed my Pilates experience. I have tried over the years many different ex. programs, but I have never felt so strong or flexible, even in my younger days. I have been able to return to jogging, which was one of my main goals. Being a physical therapist, I really see the long term benefits of Pilates, both on the equipment and in mat classes.
Jane Popkin

Body & Soul Pilates is located at 915 Hampton Blvd. in Norfolk’s historic West Ghent area and near Sentara Norfolk General Hospital.. Our beautiful and comfortable studio is about 2,500 sq. ft. on 2 stories. There are 2 rooms of Pilates equipment for private and group training, plus mat class rooms and a massage room. There is room to change your clothes.

We have a full range of the equipment designed by Joseph Pilates including 2 Reformers, 1 Cadillac, 2 Wunda Chairs, 1 Ladder Barrel and 5 combination Reformer/Cadillac units. We offer private or semi-private sessions on equipment. We also offer intermediate mat classes.

Your Pilates session will last about 1 hour, including the time needed for scheduling. Private sessions are tailored to your particular needs. Semi-private and group sessions are more group oriented. Equipment and mat classes are intimate, with a maximum of 5 people on equipment or 8-9 in a mat class.

Our instructors are certified in mat and equipment. Rates reflect instructors’ levels of experience and hours of continuing education.

At Body & Soul, we teach a contemporary or “evolved “ form of Pilates. When Joseph Pilates died in the 1960’s, he left an amazing legacy in the beautiful and life-changing Pilates method. Since his death, his students and their students have expanded on the original work. “Evolved” Pilates combines the original exercises with knowledge gained from scientific research, physical therapy techniques and other movement therapies to create a more contemporary form of Pilates. Anyone regardless of age, health, injury or disability can do this form of Pilates. Your work-out will be specifically designed for your needs.

At each session, your instructor will monitor your breathing, alignment, form and execution of the exercises, correcting when needed. It may take a few sessions to feel the benefits of Pilates. Retraining body and mind takes time, but soon your body will begin to change and you will love the results.

Mat Classes

Mat classes are intimate, with a maximum of 8-9 people per class. Available Tuesday and Thursday at 5:45pm.

Private Sessions

Private sessions are tailored to your specific needs. You will work with one instructor with whom you will schedule appointments.

Semi-Private Sessions

2 people work with 1 instructor. You must have a partner to start as a beginner with semi-private training. These sessions are focused on the needs of both clients.